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Pushpa Rajawat


"Education means holistic development of body,mind and spirit",by Mahatma.

We opened our doors to students in April 2010, with a vision to develop global citizens imbibed with values. It's our Privilege that we received an overwhelming response and our strength grew by three times in the second year itself. This is a remarkable achievement made possible by the joint effort of the Management, Academic & support staff. Each and every member of our Bhavan's family is aligned to the School's philosophy of providing 'education with a blend of Indian culture'. We understand the need to develop our students into global citizens and yet remain deeply rooted in their culture and traditions.

We aim to develop both sides of the brain in a uniform manner and our academic programme is designed to not only motivate our students to be thinkers, communicators and reflective but also to be able to discover their personal genius through exploration and experience. In the present times, it is imperative that our students should be able to reflect on their learning experiences so as to imbibe them in their life, thus ensuring transference of knowledge from books into real life situations. The focus on use of technology is aimed at developing the two most important skills of our times - communication and presentation. Along with fostering academic focus, we encourage our student community to develop into sharing, open-minded, responsible and honest members of the school community.

Our co-curricular programme offers both outdoor and indoor activities. The students are encouraged to take up various sporting, creative and personal initiatives to develop desirable personality traits. Outdoor excursions and visits provide them with opportunities to interact with people from various cultures and strata of society and develop respect for them.

The holistic progress of students is the shared responsibility of Parents and School. We believe in Parent engagement in various aspects of school life to keep us connected to their aspirations and expectations.

All members of the Bhavan's Family are working towards developing global citizens imbibed with values, who will guide desirable and sustainable transformation, thereby catapulting India into the league of superpowers.

Blending academic excellence with joy in learning.......successfully.