Vision Mission & Philosophy

Know Our Best Education


"Bhavan's R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir strives to endeavor in a technology driven environment towards developing global citizens imbibed with values, who will guide desirable and sustainable social transformation and catapult India into the league of super Powers".

Mission Statement


  • Providing a creative learning environment that recognizes the uniqueness of every learner.
  • Integrating value component into all activities of the school.
  • Enabling learners to acquire a set of competencies which make them architects of future.
  • Using technology to enhance the effectiveness of pedagogy and management.


Bhavan's R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir believes in education that is hands on, experience rich, which calls forth the whole mind and body of each child and develops human, mental, spiritual and psychological capacities. These are tools that will allow us to cope with the transition we are in. We are leading the way, providing a model for continuous and comprehensive education throughout life which teaches us and allows us to find our hidden potential that will enable us to explore the morass of our present time. We are of the firm opinion that revitalizing ancient values and reintegrating them to suit the changing needs of modern times alone will give people the strength to assimilate whatever is good in the new, without being swept off their feet by the tornadoes rushing from several sides. The aim of the school is not only to impart knowledge or to prepare students for examinations but also to help the students develop an all-round personality. There is a balanced emphasis on cultural heritage and modern technology along with a special emphasis on computer education. The aim of the school is to make students self-reliant and enable them to face the challenges of life successfully without being alienated from our culture, traditions and values. Our philosophy is to blend oriental and occidental knowledge by which values will be uncalculated, power of mind is enhanced and intellect is expanded, which will help students to stand on their own feet.