Learning Resource Centre

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'Learning Resource Centre' Bhavan's library is an invaluable resource for Bhavanites and Bhavan's staff. It caters the need of the school curriculum and serves as the centre and co-ordinating agency for all material used in the school. It is a fundamental resource for supporting students' learning and a key support for teaching staff. The Library incorporates and reflects the key competencies and values of Indian Culture and develops confidence and actively involves life-long learners. It provides a welcoming environment where the needs of all readers are respected. There is proactive support for student learning and the library makes recommendations to teaching staff relevant to their subject specialisations and interests. It is said that library is a growing organism, meaning, it grows day by day. Learning Resource Centre of Bhavan's is also growing since its initiation. The Library has a collection of books, reading cards, periodicals, newspapers, CDs and maps. It has reference books like encyclopaedia, dictionary, yearbooks and subject references. The library is organised to save the time of the students and teachers. The resource items are not only for the education, enjoyment and entertainment of the all members of the school community, but also to enhance and expand the school's curriculum. Our library has a well organised reference section and text book section. The reading materials are arranged class wise and subject wise, which can be easily accessed by the users. Library has open access system. The resources of the library are issued to the students and teachers through the system of borrowing. The Learning resource Centre has a spacious reading room with proper sitting arrangement, ventilation and lighting, circulation space and stack area. There are periodical display racks in the reading room. Materials in the library collection can be located using an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The library is staffed with Librarian with specified Library Science Degree.

Learning Resource Centre subscribes the following Periodicals:

  • Biology Today
  • Physics for You
  • Chemistry Today
  • Mathematics Today
  • Science reporter
  • Tell me why
  • Childrens digest
  • Dimdima
  • Champak
  • India today
  • Navneet
  • Bhavans Journal
  • Teacher plus
  • Education world
  • Art India