Minimum Levels of Learning

Know Our Best Education

For Class I


  1. Children should be able to talk about themselves, their families and surroundings.
  2. They should be able to express their thoughts on different feelings like happy, sad, friendship, basic hygiene, compassion for animals, sensitivity towards their environment, peace, different occupations, tastes, colours.
  3. Should be able to follow simple directions, request and ask questions.
  4. Should be able to differentiate between prose and poetry.
  5. Should be able to identify a person, object, thing (naming words).
  6. Should be able to read and write simple sentences using basic punctuation like capital letters, full stops and question marks and be able to recognize singular and plural forms.


  1. मौखिक व लिखित ज्ञानः
    वर्णमाला - स्वर वर्ण और व्यंजन वर्ण का ज्ञान
  2. मात्राओं का ज्ञान व उनका प्रयोग-
    अ से अः तक, दो से चार अक्षरों वाले शब्द
  3. स्वंय के बारे में 5 वाक्य लिखना।
  4. अक्षरों व मात्राओं को जोड़कर षब्द बनाना व अलग करना- जैसेः
    क + ा + ल + ी - काली, मेरा - म + -े + र + ा
  5. संयुक्ताक्षर का ज्ञान व उसे धारा प्रवाह पढ़ना-
    क से ज्ञ
  6. गिनती का ज्ञान-1 से 20 तक; मोैखिक
  7. छोटे - छोटे वाक्यों को लिखना/बनाना
  8. शब्दार्थ - कुछ आसान शब्दों के अर्थ
  9. संज्ञा, लिंग ‐ क्रिया, वचन, विलेेाम शब्द का ज्ञान
  10. बिना रुके वाक्यों को पढ़कर समझना
  11. चित्रो को देखकर अपना विचार प्रकट करना
  12. कुछ छोटी कविता को मौखिक बोलना
  13. श्रुतलेख में दो से तीन शब्दों को लिखना
  14. शब्दों को क्रम से सजाकर वाक्य बनाना
  15. आस - पास की, अपने परिवार के बारे में विचार व्यक्त करना



  1. Child should be able to identify, classify and describe an object on the basis of shapes (2-D shapes)
  2. Should be able to use different vocabulary of spatial relationship like top-bottom, inside-outside, above-below, near-far, after-before, on-under.
  3. Should be able to work with numbers from 1 to 100 like
    1. Forward & backward counting.
    2. Number names
    3. Before/between/after numbers.
    4. Ascending/descending order.
    5. Place value (ones and tens).
  4. Addition and subtraction of 1 & 2 digit numbers without carrying and burrowing.
  5. Identifies common currency notes and coins.
  6. Measurement of
    1. LENGTH (longer/ thicker/ shorter/ thinner) - Measures short lengths and estimates distances and lengths using non-uniform units.
    2. WEIGHT - Compares between heavy and light objects.
    3. TIME - Distinguishes between various events occurring in time using - earlier & later. Narrates the sequence of events in a day.

General Awareness

  1. Child should be able to speak about Himself/Herself, his /her family, home, friends, address, likes dislikes, hobbies, PHONE NUMBER,
  2. His/her Body parts, sense organs and their functions, their use, how the five senses keep us out danger
  3. His/her basic needs: Cloth(materials, texture, purpose and the occasion on which they are worn, kinds of dresses, season and weather), Home(need ,types, style of building, difference in urban and rural houses, size shape, materials used, rooms, their purpose the furnishing), Food (types of food items, their importance, season in which eaten, sources: animals/plants, food eaten raw/cooked, healthy/ junk food, good eating habits.)
  4. His/her School( names of teachers, Principal, Headmistress, class rooms ,playgrounds, games played, indoor/outdoor games, subjects taught, activities performed)
  5. Common Safety rules(at home, playground, school, road), precautions to be taken
  6. Health and Hygiene: Should be able to talk about personal cleanliness- bathing ,washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hair, clipping nails, wearing clean clothes, time to go to bed and rise
  7. People who help them: Postman, police office, doctor ,nurse, electrician, driver, gardener, house maid, fire fighters, peons at office and home
  8. Festivals: national and religious festivals like, independence day, Republic day, Children’s day, Teacher’s day, Holi, Diwali, Dussehera, X’mas etc.
  9. Most important is child should be able to talk and express his/her view and ideas if not, able to write everything.