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School Inaugration 2010

Inaugural function of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur held on 11th April, 2010


A glittering ceremony peppered with crème-de-la-crème of Chhattisgarh marked the Inaugural Function of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur. The school marks the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of the Chairman of Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra, Shri Kamal Sarda. The school is inspired by his father, Shri R.K.Sarda, an eminent educational visionary of the state.


The occasion was graced by His Excellency The Governor of Chhattisgarh, Shri Shekhar Dutt as Chief Guest, Honourable Dr. Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, as the Guest of Honour, Shri Brij Mohan Agrawal, Education Minister, Shri Rajesh Munot, PWD Minister, Shri Ravindra Choubey, Leader of Opposition, current Chairman of Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra, Shri Kamal Sarda, Past Chairman Shri Lalit Surjan, Hon. Secretary of Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra Shri O.P.Singhania and other notable dignitaries. The function was presided over by Justice Shri B.N.Srikrishna, International Vice-President and Trustee of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Pandit Vishvamohan Bhatt Spic Macay 2010

The School organized a concert of Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Mohan Veena Maestro accompanied by table player Shubh Maharaj on 1st of September 2011 in conjunction with SPIC MACAY.


The programme began with the soft words of greetings by panditji followed a mesmerizing recital of Raga Nut Bhairav culminating into a delightful Jugalbandi with the maestro on table, Shubh Maharaj enthralled the audience present.Children recited the 16 matras of teen taal that delighted Panditji. The sweet strains of Mohan Veena stung in the air for a long time even after it was over.

Anubhavanand and Kiran Bedi visit in school 2010

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur celebrated their first Annual Day (Christened as 1st Founders) in the school campus through a multi-faceted cultural evening showcasing the multiple intelligences in their children. The event was graced by Dr.Kiran Bedi, India’s first and highest ranked internationally recognized woman Police Officer, as the Chief Guest.


Dr.Kiran Bedi in her address to the audience on “Character building and Parenting” spoke on the vital role of parents in the education of the child and also she prodded the parents to attend every Parent-Teacher meeting together.


The students of the school and the staff were jubilant to have Dr.Kiran Bedi amongst them. On the whole, the 1st Founders Day of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir was a memorable one-of-a-kind event which has seeped into the subconscious of every child and staff at school and will continue to be cherished for lifetime.

1st Founder's Day 2011

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur celebrated their first Annual Day (christened as 1 st Founders) in the school campus through a multi-faceted cultural evening showcasing the multiple intelligence in their children. The event was graced by Dr. Kiran Bedi, India’s first and highest ranked internationally recognized woman Police Officer, as the Chief Guest.


The evening began with a speech organized by the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra on “Probity in Public Life” in the school premises. This was moderated by Shri Shivraj Singh (IAS), Retd.Chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh and currently Chief Economic advisor to the chief Minister, and presided over by His Holiness Swami Satyaroopanandji of Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission, Raipur. The speech was attended by all the enlightened members of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra and other eminent citizens of the capital. This was followed by a high tea. Dr. KiranBedi was taken on a tour of the school by the Principal and Chairman Shri Kamal Sarda. As she moved around witnessing the splendid infrastructure and learning facilities created by the school, she was all praises for the marvelous job done by Chairman to promote quality education in the state of Chhattisgarh.


The students were waiting with bated breath for Dr. Kiran Bedi, and when she walked in to witness their cultural show, she was greeted with a standing ovation and a huge applause. The entire programme was a snapshot of the activities carried out in school through a musical ballet. The entire ballet was presented and performed by the children. It began with an introduction of Dr. Kiran Bedi, the Chief Guest for the evening, to the audience of about 1200 parents and other dignitaries, followed by the traditional lighting of lamp amidst chanting of shlokas by students of class 1. The Principal presented his Annual report in which he delved on the evolution of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan at Raipur, the ethos and the values that the school stands for and the uniqueness of the school. Dr. Kiran Bedi in her address to the audience on “Character building and Parenting” spoke on the vital role of parents in the education of the child. In her brilliant speech, She progged the parents to attended every Parent-Teacher meeting together. She also elaborated on including a culture of “giving” in the child on their birthdays. Dr. Bedi was confident that the school will usher in a new era in education in the city of Raipur and was ecstatic of the performance by the children.


The students of the school and the staff were jubilant to have Dr. Kiran Bedi amongst them. On the whole, the 1 st Founders Day of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir was a memorable one-of-a-kind event which has seeped into the subconscious of every child and staff at school and will continue to be cherished for lifetime.

Inaugration of tennis court by Leander Paes 2011

One of the most successful professional Indian tennis Players and also the former captain of the Indian Davis Cup team Mr.Leander Adrian paes, inaugurated the tennis courts at Bhavan’s accompanied by Shri Kamal Sarda, Chairman of Bhavan’s Raipur Kendra, Mr.Vikram Sisodia, President of Chhattishgarh Tennis Association, Mr. Pankaj Sarda and our Principal Mr.Amitava Ghosh.


Paes in his speech praised and thanked the school for the wonderful infrastructure and playing arena. He told the students to constantly interact with their teachers who are their ‘gurus’ and will guide them in the right direction. He also wished the teachers and students the very best of luck in all their future endeavours…

Salil Bhatt Spic Macay 2012

The SPIC MACY conducted their third Music Concert at Bhavan’s R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir on 24th September 2012.It was a moment of immense pride and joy for the Bhavanites to have with them Pt. Salil Bhatt ji, a connoisseur and son of Grammy Award winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji. Panditji played SATVIK VEENA which is his own creation and he was accompanied by Shri Prithviraj Mishra ji on table.


Pt. Salil Bhatt ji enthralled the Bhavanites with his skill and mastery over his Satvik Veena. He lives up to the legend, his father, enthusing the crowd of students. Victor Hugo has stated, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”. This was well depicted when Pt.Salil bhatt ji played raga ‘Ahir Bhairav’


The students very well interacted with Pt.Salil Bhatt ji, cleared their queries and thus the concert was exceedingly informative as well as inspiring, even for a student who was quite new to such traditional concerts.

Visit of Sania Mirza in school 2012

Bhavanites Charmed by Sania


Acc.To C. Joybell C. – One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves is allowing ourselves to be surprised. Thus we, the Bhavanites were privileged to have the veteran tennis star Sania Mirza amongst us on 3rd December 2012-indeed an awesome gift of surprise for us.


This legendary player is the current youth icon of India. This crackerjack created history in tennis by becoming first ever Indian to break into the top 50 WTA rankings. Sania’s stellar play and winning personality has won her an Arjuna award, India’s top sports honour and a Padmashri, India’s Fourth highest honour. Sania Mirza in the list of the “33 women who made India proud.” She recently became the first Indian to be seeded no.1 in a WTA event. This diva has a huge fan base in India and is burning heads all over the world. She is celebrated and adulated for her attitude towards life, her fashion sense and her immense talent.


Sania Mirza, the exemplar, well known for her powerful forehand ground strokes played a few tennis strokes with the students in the tennis court at Bhavan’s.Addressing the burgeoning stars of Bhavan’s she said that her parents were a big support for her in her achievements. Sharing her experience with the students she said that she had no tennis court in her school to practice and no good facilities also in her city, Hyderabad. She encouraged the students to have a strong will power and zeal in whatever they do.


Her phenomenal presence has made an appropriate monument in the history of Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir and her dynamic personality left the stupefying crowd spell bound. Overall it became a momentous day for the Bhavanites.

2nd Founder's Day Held on the 20th day of January 2012

The 2nd Founder’s Day Celebration marked with gaiety and solemnity commenced here at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur on the pleasant evening of 20th January, 2012. Swami Satyaroopanand Ji, monk of Ramakrishna Order and Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Raipur graced the occasion in the capacity of Chief Guest. Other Guests of Honour were esteemed members of Board of Directors, Sarda Energy and Minerals Limited.


The inaugural ceremony of the evening commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by all the guests and the Principal amidst the chanting of shlokas along with a vibrant Ganesh Vandana performance by the children as Ganesh is considered the ‘Lord of Beginnings’.


The Ballet “Devnadi: The Life and Soul of India” was inspired by the holy river ‘Ganga’ that symbolizes spirituality, purity, continuity, ever changing ,ever flowing, yet maintaining its identity reflecting the image of Bhavans.


The Ballet depicted the instances of “Ganga- Avataran “the descent of Goddess Ganga to this Earth. Its purpose in Past and the present state. From beginning to the end it was a breathtaking experience for the audience who remained transfixed throughout this extravaganza kaleidoscope that lasted for an hour and a half.

Ronu Majumdar Spic Macay 2013

India’s ace flutist Pt.Ronu Mazumdar presented a stupefying flute recital at Bhavan’s today leaving the audience spellbound and mesmerized. Pandit Ronu Majundar ji presented his soul stirring flute recital and he was accompanied by Pt.Partho Sarthi ji on the table along with Kalpesh Sachla, a disciple of Pandit ji on another bansuri.


The Bhavanites truly experienced this when Pandit ji took up an aalaap on his flute in raag “Nat Bhairav – The Morning Raga” which soothed everyone. Towards the end of the programme the students interacted with Pandit ji and cleared their queries related to the musical instruments.

Rakshit Tondon in school 2013

3rd Founder's Day 2013

The third Founder’s day of Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir, flaunting a vibrant display of talent of more than a 1000 students was celebrated with alacrity on 15 January and 17 January 2013.


Giving weightage to the factor of optimum participation, the function was divided into two sessions.15 Jan 2013 witnessed a lot of exuberance and ardor when the tiny tots of classes JKG to 2 portrayed the importance of trees to mesmerize audience through Divya Vasundhara, the theme of the day. It featured the fact that can be summed up through Mahatma Gandhi’s saying - “Our Earth can satisfy everyman’s need but it can’t satisfy every man’s greed”


Children showcased that the early man was quite satisfied with what he got from nature. He ate fruits and hunted animals for his nourishment. But with time, the human race developed and modernization and urbanization led to the cutting of trees and harming mother earth. They left the spellbound audience with the message that each and every human has a role to play in saving mother earth. Only then, our human race will continue to flourish happily in the lap of nature. Adding glories to the show was the presence of the chief guest Dr. Ujjawal Patni, the leadership guru, famous motivator & illustrious international trainer.


The inaugural ceremony of both the days commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and the Principal. The Annual Report, tracing the progress made in the last year, was also a part of the celebration for both the days. Mr. Kamal Sarda, the Chairman along with the members of the Managing Committee graced the occasion with their humble presence on 15 th January as well as 17 January.


The second session of the annual function was a treat to watch. The moonstruck audience had a heart stirring and comely experience of Gitamrita Mahodadhaye, the eternal journey towards tranquility…. The Parampurush, Devesh, Devadidev LORD KRISHNA!!!


The chief guest for the evening was Mr. Ram Nivas,Director General of Police,Chattisgarh.The children impersonated the various ‘Leelas’ of Lord Krishna starting from his birth to his ‘Bal Leelas’ in Gokula and ranging to the display of his ‘Viratrupa’ to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.It was time for yet another day of the year to exhibit the talents of the Bhavanites.The young and dynamic children of the Bhavan’s upheld the pride of the institute and had an experience of their life time playing the various characters from the mythological era.


Finally, the two days pageant ended with inspiring words from the chief guest and the vote of thanks given by the students along with uncountable praises, applauds, blessings and a promise to be back with a bang next year.

Bhajan Sapori Spic Macay 2014

Our motherland is rich and blessed with incalculable legends. One of the jewels among them is Pt. Bhajan Sapori.Santoor and Bhajan Sapori are synonymous. Born in a family of musicians of ‘Sufiana Gharana’ of Kashmir.Pandit Bhajan Sapori, the Legendary Santoor maestro and music composer has been the pioneer in bringing Santoor on National and International platforms at par with Sitar and Sarod in Tantrakari and boles and giving it the honour and prestige of a complete concert instrument.Panditji,for his blend of combination in his style is coined as the “Saint of Santoor”.This “King of strings” left the Bhavanites enthralled on 28 February,2013 through the hundred strings of his Santoor.


Pandit Bhajan Sapori’s research on the sound and his instrument Santoor are remarkable. Pharmaceutical companies have released his albums on ‘sound therapy’. Panditji has been conferred with the Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1993 and the Padma Shri in 2004.


Panditji started the Spic Macay workshop by interacting with the students which he termed as “Sangeetmay Baat-Cheet”. He very patiently and humbly explained them each ‘alankar’ that he was to play on his Santoor. The students actively took part in the workshop as they recited the alankar along with Panditji and then gave him an accompaniment while he played the same on the Santoor. Out of the various ragas of the day he played raga “patdeep” which he began with “ektaal” in” Madhya lai” and finally ended playing it in “Drut lai” with “teen tal”.


The fast strokes of fingers on the Santoor and the Tabla exhilarated an outstanding music piece and made the Bhavanites erupt with applause. The magical strings of santoor promoted an aura of euphoria which would last in our memories forever. At the end of the workshop the students cleared out their queries related to the stringed instrument ’Santoor’ and the concert turned out to be musical and informative.

Deepa Malik 2014

‘Life is not confined in the seven bright colours of rainbow; it has its own hue.’ This very line was very much evident when the Bhavanites had a rendezvous with ‘The lady with grace’ at Hotel Taj.


Deepa Malik- the moniker which doesn’t need any introduction, is an epitome to live life. Deepa Malik synonyms bravery and inspiration to the whole humanity. She is a paraplegic who has won numerous accolades for her participation in various adventure sports like swimming, motor sport, athletic, javelin, discuss throw & Shot put. Braving her life with chest below paralysis and three spinal tumor surgeries and 183 stitches between shoulder blades and a life on wheel chair for past 14 yrs. She is the shining star who bagged Limca people of the year award 2014, Limca World Records in 2009,2011 & 2013. Mrs. Malik also grabbed Karmaveer Chakra Award, 2013 and was honoured with the Arjuna Award 2012 by the President.


The brave lady believes that life is the only festival which we can celebrate every day. She shared some of her contented & gloomy moments with all the audience present there. Her words, no doubt left each and every person moonstruck. Her husband & daughters are all her strength who always encourage her to move with audacity.


She is the perfect essence to relish life even in the pits and has proved that yes, she is one of the most excellent creations that Almighty has ever made.

4th Founder's Day 2014

Carrying on the tradition of last three years, the fourth founder’s day of Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir, flaunting a vivacious display of talent of about a thousand students was again a bang. It was celebrated with great alacrity on 1 December 2013.


As a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore, a bard who had left a golden imprint on the annals of Indian Literature, on his Nobel centenary, the theme of this year’s founder’s day was “Ritu-Rang”-a kaleidoscopic view of seasons by Tagore. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Prof.Marmar Mukhopadhyay, Chairman of Educational Technology and Management Academy, Gurgaon.


The red letter day commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by Principal Sir and other dignitaries followed by musical renditions of Tagore’s compositions performed by the school orchestra comprising only the students whereas, our Principal Sir was no less to tune a rhythm on his guitar. Then, Principal Sir addressed the gathering by presenting the annual report tracing the progress of the preceding year.


The entire pageant was then synchronized in Tagore’s institution, Shantiniketan, where he had once written some of the most eloquent poems and songs adorning the season of India. The musical extravaganza was laced with performances on nature and the perpetual cycle of seasons. The moonstruck audience was transported to the magical world discerning the presentation of the six ritus by Tagore viz. Vasant, Grishma, Barsha, Sharad, Hemontika and Sheet. The Kathakali dance staged by the senior students in its elaborate costumes was a treat to watch. The high point of the eve was the Chauu dance, a tribal martial dance, which left the audience’s mouth open in awe.


Finally, the programme concluded with inspiring words of the chief guest, vote of thanks by the students and an urge of rolling this pious tradition in the years to come.

5th Founders Day 2015

The Cultural Fiesta of the 5th Founders Day Celebration of Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir flaunting a vibrant display of talent of more than 1425 students was held on the evening of 21 st December, 2014. The entire school was dazzlingly decorated for the occasion. The Hon’ble Chief Guest for the gala event was Prof. Dr. M.M. Pant, an internationally renowned expert specializing in pedagogy, technology and the development of tools and curricula for 21 st century. The other distinguished guests who graced the programme were Mr. Kamal Sarda, the Chairman and the members of school Management Committee.


The moonstruck audience had a heart stirring and comely experience of “Bharatvarsh Ka Vrihat Itihas-a musical saga”. The theme was a humble endeavor on the part of the school towards creating a sentience for the younger generation to uphold the torch of spiritual and cultural renaissance for the rest of the world to see and emulate and not get carried away by the materialistic ideology of the West.


This pious ceremony was accompanied by yet another great aspect of Indian Culture-YOGA- an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and a branch of philosophy. The prelude to the eve was a sprightly performance by the frolicsome, rollicking elfin angles of JKG- Class 1. The Principal, Mr. Amitava Ghosh in his address accorded a warm welcome to the august gathering and presented the Annual Report for the session 2014-2015.The stupendous Bhavanites who had brought laurels to the school in various events were felicitated.


The lovely dances, live songs and the fantastic anchoring done by the students added an icing on the cake. The fusion of different cultures through dances mesmerized the evening.


Finally, the programme concluded with the inspiring words from the chief guest, vote of thanks by the students and a promise to be back with a bang next year.

6th Founder's Day 2016

On the chilly eve of 22 nd December, as the sun dipped behind the horizon and the dark blue sky blinked with innumerable stars, the lawns of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir echoed with the voices of over 1800 students of classes 3-11 brimming with energy to showcase their talent on the grandest stage of all-The 6th Founder’s Day. The precincts erupted into a kaleidoscope of colors with the rendezvous of this wonderful cabaret and an astonishing art exhibition put up by the art and craft department of our school.


Complying with the golden words of the Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” this annual event expounded upon the call of our 68 year old nation which looks at us with expectant eyes hoping we would stop blaming the politicians for everything that is wrong with India and themselves taking the responsibility for some of the problems.Mr.Vivek kumar Dhand,a 1981 batch IAS officer and presently the chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh endowed us by being present to grace this cultural fiesta as the chief guest. There was Gondhal and Lezim from the land of Shivaji the great, Jharkhand Folk, Thabal Chongba from north-east and Chirmi and Kalbelia of Rajasthan combined with a choreography on Maa Durga and a beautiful contemporary piece. The graceful Bhavanites truly transported the spectators into a world of timelessness with their fluid movements. And this was not all, the gala event also comprised of two very moving skits on long troubling themes like Beti Bachao and Cleanliness. They made us take a long hard look at our society and ourselves and motivated the viewers to be active participants in the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and the Beti Bachao Andolan.


The finale to the show comprised of the chief guest’s speech in which he threw light on the fact that students should be judged on their skills not their marks and the annual report by Principal Sir in which he felicitated all the students who have made the school proud in the year gone by. This fete added another feather to the cap of Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir and was another glittering edition in its legacy in the furtherance of its endeavours to the cause of Indian culture. We sincerely hope this tradition continues and even enriches as the years roll by.

7th Founders Day 2017

It is not the beauty of a building you look at; It’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. – David Allan Coe


Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir has also stood high and faced the test of times. It was only the strongest foundation of the institution that was laid seven years back, and the school organized the annual function to relive and revive all the efforts done in past; with the celebration of Founder’s Day amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation.Mr. Vinayak Lohani (founder of ‘Parivar’ an organization for the destitute from West Bengal) was the esteemed Chief Guest. Among other dignitaries’ present were the members of the Management Committee, members of the Parents Teachers Association and the school authorities including Principal, Vice Principal and Head Mistress.


The programme commenced with the school orchestra followed by the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest, escorted by the other dignitaries and the Principal, with a SARVA DHARMA PRAYER in the background that filled the air with divinity. The cultural programme based on the theme ‘Hanuman-the first Indian superhero’ commenced with the scintillating performances given by the students of JKG and SKG sections.


As Bhavan’s has a vision to develop global citizens imbided with values, who will guide desirable and sustainable social transformation and catapult India into the legue of Super Powers; so the choice of the theme as ‘ Hanuman’ being the first Indian superhero was nothing unusual. Maintaining the uniqueness of programmes, the main character Hanuman was also introduced by Zahara, in Pandwani style that stole the show. Audience was charmed by the enthralling performances presented by the students from class 1-5, and everyone was engrossed in a holy and divine atmosphere.


Next, the Hon’ble Chief Guest was invited to bless the meritorious pupils as well as to address the intellectual gathering.Mr. Lohani was contended and pleased to see the work done so far by the students and staff. He also guided all with his experience and shared how the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda gave a mission to his life. He added that students should not only be imparted excellent education but also be given great scruples and values so they can effectively serve their state as well as their nation.


Once again the audience was taken to the world of Hanuman Chalisa and Ram Shrot told everyone about the deeds and might of the superhero. It was not easy for anyone to come out of the mesmerizing moments they experienced but as it is said ‘Everything has to come to an end, sometime.’ So this remarkable day also came to an end with the Vote of thanks by the students under the mentoring and grooming of teachers and culminated with the National Anthem.

8th Founders Day 2017

9th Founders Day 2018

10th Founders Day 2019