Painting, Clay Modelling & Ceramics Room

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Clay work is also considered to be very therapeutic - where children feel calm and relaxed while handling the potters' clay. Empirical research has proved that as children try giving shape to their enhanced imagination in higher classes, there is an increase in their power of concentration and observation.For beginners, the clay modeling period is all about the fun of making clay dough and giving it different shapes and forms. Here, in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's R.K.Sarda Vidya Mandir, it starts from class 1. It helps them give expression to an idea along with developing motor-coordination. Students learn to make jewellery, utensils, masks as well as artistic showpieces of the day. In addition to developing fine motor skills, it also equips children with three-dimensional imagination and creativity.

The Sculpture room provides an ideal ambience for children to give forms to their thoughts using clay as a medium. In the process, the mind and body syncs.

This is a compulsory activity for classes 1 through 5. Thereafter, it becomes optional.